What Is the Purpose Of Yoga?

Yoga is an important part of many lives today. Although it is considered a type of exercise, it has the potential to affect the emotional and psychological health of the individual , not only the physical state.

Some people resist trying yoga. This is a possibility because they believe it’s some kind of weird religion thing or that they must change their lifestyle completely.

While yoga was indeed used in years past largely by hippies, the practice has evolved into a more mainstream system. All types of people use yoga for its ability to help the physical and mental states.

Meditation is also looked at in a similar way. There are many types of meditation. Not all meditation is about reaching “spiritual enlightenment ” or utilizing drugs and chanting.

What Is the Purpose Of Yoga?

Meditation can also be an extremely useful tool in controlling many physical and mental ailments. It can reduce stress and nervousnes, help control panic attacks, ease depression, and much more. Its effects on the mental state can be remarkable, and it is recommended by many doctors as a great way to avoid taking medications.

We hope to enlighten you through this article so that you are able learn how to practice yoga and meditation on your own. The physical and mental benefits you’ll receive will probably be shocking to you!

There is some very interesting psychology behind this that students of western thinkers( e.g. Freud, Jung, Fromm, etc .) will find familiar and, indeed, quite rational.

When an individual decides to be happy, something within that person activates; a kind of will or awareness emerges. This awareness begins to observe the jungle of negative thinks that are swimming constantly through the mind.

Rather than attacking each of these thinks – because that would be an unending battle! – yoga simply advises the individual to watch that battle; and through that watching, the stress will diminish.

At the same time, as an individual begins to reduce their level of internal negativity, subsequent external negative behaviors begin to fall of their own accord; habits such as excessive drinking, emotional overeating, and engaging in behaviors that, ultimately, lead to unhappiness and suffering.

With this being said, it would be an overstatement to had indicated that practicing yoga is the easy way to, tell, quit smoking, or to start exercising regularly. If that were the occurrence, yoga would be ideal! Yoga simply says that, based on rational and scientific cause and effect relations that have been observed for centuries, that when a person begins to feel good inside, they naturally tend to behave in ways that enhance and promote this sense of inner wellness.

What Is the Purpose Of Yoga?

As such, while smoking( for example) is an addiction and the body will react to the diminish of addictive ingredients such as tar and tobacco( only to name two of many !), yoga will help the process. It will help provide the individual with the strength and logic that they need in order to discover that smoking actually doesn’t stimulate them feel good.

In fact, once they start find how they feel, they’ll notice without doubt that instead of feeling good, smoking actually constructs one feeling quite bad inside; it’s harder to breathe, for one.

Scientists have proven that there is a true physical addiction that is in place, alongside an emotional addiction that can be just as strong; perhaps even stronger.

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